Adirondack High Peaks

Hiking the 46 Adirondack High Peaks is recognized as one of the greatest challenges in the Adirondack Park. People come from all over to tackle these impressive mountains, and there is a select group that has climbed all 46 – the Adirondack 46ers.

The Schenectady Chapter’s outings represent an excellent resource for those interested in hiking the High Peaks. We offer outings to the High Peaks year-round. Although preference is given to Schenectady Chapter members, High Peaks outings are open to everyone with the physical ability and proper equipment.

For up to date information on High Peaks conditions, please visit the DEC’s Backcountry Information for the High Peaks.

The Peaks

1Mt. Marcy5344/1629Tr440645N/0735524WMt. Marcy
2Algonquin Peak5114/1559Tr440837N/0735911WNorth Elba
3Mt. Haystack4960/1512Tr440620N/0735401WMt. Marcy
4Mt. Skylight4926/1501Tr440558N/0735550WMt. Marcy
5Whiteface Mt.4867/1483Tr442157N/0735409WLake Placid
6Dix Mt.4857/1480Tr440456N/0734710WDix Mt.
7Gray Peak4840/1475HP440641N/0735605WMt. Marcy
8Iroquois Peak4840/1475Tr440813N/0735953WNorth Elba
9Basin Mt.4827/1471Tr440716N/0735310WMt. Marcy
10Gothics4736/1444Tr440741N/0735125WKeene Valley
11Mt. Colden4714/1437Tr440737N/0735735WNorth Elba
12Giant Mt.4627/1410Tr440939N/0734314WRocky Peak Ridge
13Nippletop4620/1408Tr440521N/0734857WDix Mt.
14Santanoni Peak4607/1404HP440456N/0740751WSantanoni Peak
15Mt. Redfield4606/1404HP440541N/0735659WMt. Marcy
16Wright Peak4580/1396Tr440906N/0735848WNorth Elba
17Saddleback Mt.4515/1376Tr440735N/0735229WNorth Elba
18Panther Peak4442/1354HP440554N/0740755WSantanoni Peak
19Table Top Mt.4427/1349HP440837N/0735425WNorth Elba
20Rocky Peak Ridge4420/1347Tr440916N/0734209WRocky Peak Ridge
21Macomb Mt.4405/1343HP440306N/0734648WDix Mt.
22Armstrong Mt.4400/1341Tr440805N/0735056WKeene Valley
23Hough Peak4400/1341HP440410N/0734639WDix Mt.
24Seward Mt.4361/1329HP440935N/0741157WAmpersand Lake
25Mt. Marshall4360/1329HP440739N/0740042WStreet Mt.
26Allen Mt.4340/1323HP440415N/0735622WMt. Marcy
27Big Slide Mt.4240/1292Tr441056N/0735213WKeene Valley
28Esther Mt.4240/1292HP442313N/0735323WFranklin Falls
29Upper Wolf Jaw Mt.4185/1276Tr440826N/0735042WKeene Valley
30Lower Wolf Jaw Mt.4175/1273Tr440854N/0734957WKeene Valley
31Street Mt.4166/1270HP441047N/0740237WStreet Mt.
32Phelps Mt.4161/1268Tr440925N/0735515WNorth Elba
33Mt. Donaldson4140/1262HP440914N/0741239WAmpersand Lake
34Seymour Mt.4120/1256HP440928N/0741019WAmpersand Lake
35Sawteeth4100/1250Tr440650N/0735101WDix Mt.
36Cascade Mt.4098/1249Tr441307N/0735136WKeene Valley
37South Dix4060/1237HP440336N/0734627WDix Mt.
38Porter Mt.4059/1237Tr441255N/0735036WKeene Valley
39Mt. Colvin4057/1237Tr440538N/0735004WDix Mt.
40Mt. Emmons4040/1231HP440837N/0741250WAmpersand Lake
41Dial Mt.4020/1225Tr440621N/0734745WDix Mt.
42East Dix4012/1223HP440355N/0734526WDix Mt.
43Blake Peak3960/1207Tr440453N/0735040WDix Mt.
44Cliff Mt.3960/1207HP440611N/0735830WMt. Marcy
45Nye Mt.3895/1187HP441135N/0740126WStreet Mt.
46Couchsachraga Peak3820/1164HP440544N/0740936WSantanoni Peak
47MacNaughton Mt.4000/1219HP440823N/0740351WStreet Mt.

Elevation listed is from the trail guide High Peaks Trails, 14th Edition published by the ADK, which may differ from the elevation listed by the USGS. Both ADK and USGS elevations may differ from the actual elevation of the summit.

Peaks listed with a “Tr” have a marked trail, which provides access to the summit. No marked trail exists for peaks listed with a “HP”, access to the summit is only available via an unmarked herd path.

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